OpenCeilings in Healthcare environments

Over the last years, a clear trend can be noticed in hospitality healthcare design. Many medical institutions are transforming their clinical interiors into Healing Environments. The philosophy that guides this concept is that environmental stressors are reduced in order to stimulate the healing process of patients and to create a positive working environment for medical staff. By combining natural elements with a daylight illumination, OpenCeilings can contribute towards the creation of a Healing Environment.
  • Provides a positive distraction during medical procedures, reducing patient’s stress
  • Creates a better working environment for both doctor and staff
  • Improves the visitor’s experience and perception of the healthcare facility
  • Contributes towards creating a unique interior that sets apart from the competition

In Healthcare facilities OpenCeilings can be applied in:

  • Waiting or reception Areas
  • Treatment or diagnosis rooms
  • Dentist Practices
  • Resting Areas

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