OpenCeilings in Retail environments

OpenCeilings are an effective tool to upgrade your retail environment.
Besides the fact that an OpenCeiling immediately and drastically enhances the appearance of your property, the natural images and daylight quality light invite your clients to stay longer in your store.

The experience of your customers during shopping is becoming more important. Research shows that lighting is one of the most effective ways of influencing buyers.

The unique design combined with pleasant natural images of the OpenCeiling create a memorable and pleasant shopping atmosphere. Customers are attracted by stores with an appealing interior and will spend more time inside a shop if the atmosphere is pleasant.

Because the photopanels of the OpenCeilings can be easily changed it is possible to adapt the design of your OpenCeiling to current marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the OpenCeiling can be installed in a matter of hours. This means you could transform the look of your entire store without closing down.

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